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SeComPass 24X4 SOC Service 

We can offer SOC Service based on Microsoft, AWS, AlienVault, Palo Alto and QRadar among others

Who is it for?

Our SOC-as-a-Service is designed for organisations who want a cybersecurity and privacy partner to monitor their security threats around the clock, allowing them to focus on business strategy and business-as-usual. 
SeComPass team has developed the easy to implement SOC framework for organisations of any size.
And we can work with you on an appropriate resourcing model to give you peace of mind with our turnkey 24X7 On-Demand SOC-as-a-Service.

Advantages for You

Filtering and Prioritisation
We look after day-to-day monitoring and SOC operations, so your team can focus on strategic business projects and only the security alerts they need to action. We proactively hunt, identify, respond to and report on potential threats.The alert prioritisation is done to make it easier for the organisation to take action and and provide background and contextual information.

Follow the sun coverage

With teams in two time zones, you can be confident that your security analysts are always alert and fresh when defending your infrastructure. As your partners, you can reach out to any of our analysts 24/7 to understand the journey of a threat.

Coverage & Support

All systems – cloud infrastructure, servers, databases, endpoints, applications, websites and more.   Additionally a Security Services Delivery Manager will be assigned to ensure the smooth delivery of the service (available 24X7).


  • We find problems and patterns and resolve the incidents for the long run
  • We use AI to automate the manual tasks so that our specialist analysts can focus on the analysis.
  • We find one-off and recurring issues, then give you actionable advice so you can fix security breaches.
  • We can provide emergency incident response based on the NZISM/NIST Response Framework, for improved incident detection and response times.
  • We use the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework and top threat intelligence sources to manage and escalate threats.
  • We can offer either fully managed or co-managed 24X7 SOC, to augment and complement your team.

Service Levels

We can offer fully managed or co-managed SOC Service, according to your in-house skillset and where you seek to augment your team. 
Choose from one of the Service Levels or a combination and leave the rest to us. 


Our Essentials or Detection-level service is designed for organisations starting out in their cyber security journey with a basic security program. The service provides essential security capabilities like SIEM and other SOC security tools to monitor the network for anomalies and triage and investigate alerts.  


The Advanced or Responder-level service is for organisations with a slightly more mature cyber security program. It provides your SOC with an advanced detection and response program in addition to dark web monitoring, and threat intelligence and research for data enrichment. 


The Expert or Hunter-level tier is for businesses who need a service to fit a fully mature security program. The service covers an expert level SOC program, endpoint detection and response, and regular threat hunts. This is in addition to all the features included in the first two service levels.

Additional Services:
  • Compliance Management 
  • Security Governance Automation
  • Third party Assessment Service
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous Patch Management

Why do you need our 24X7 SOC Service?

Every organisation is facing unprecedented challenges in finding the necessary skills and expertise to manage their security posture starting from security events and incidents. 

How we make it easy for you ?

We offer a one-month trial period for our SOCaaS, so you can see the service in action. You will gain a full understanding of our capabilities, how we partner with your team, and what we protect. 

Next Steps

Contact us for an obligation free chat for discussing the solutions for your cyber security and privacy programs . 

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