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What are Managed Security Services? 

Managed Security Services are our ongoing security services for the organisations and companies, which don't have a dedicated security personnel. 

Managed Chief Information Security Officer (mCISO)


 Whether you are starting your security and privacy journey or are already well underway, our mCISO service 
will help your organisation take it to the solid implementation of your security programme.

mCISO Service - Benefits

  • Costs you less than a full-time security person
  • Brings templates and planning
  • Works at an executive level 
  • Helps with business decision-making
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Information Security Manager (ISM)

If you are a mid-sized organisation and are already well underway your security
 and privacy journey and need a person to achieve better security outcomes, 
our ISM service will help your organisation take it to the ongoing management of 
your security programme.

ISM Service - Benefits

  • Costs you much less than a full-time security  management and operations team
  • Does operational security management 
  • Works with all teams
  • Helps with technical decision-making
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ISM & mCISO model?

 Depending on your needs, you can choose a dedicated security expert or a blended security as a service to manage your security posture .

Dedicated CISOa trusted security advisor for the board and strategy discussions
1-2 days a week
Dedicated ISMa trusted security advisor for ongoing security & compliance management
1-2 days a week
Blended mCISO/ISMTo provide a range of services from planning, implementation and ongoing security management
 different resources with
specialist skill sets

Next Steps 

It all starts with a consultation about where you are and where you want to be

We get to know your needs and then explain what this service means to you, whether it is the best choice for your business and how that relates to your security and privacy obligations and requirements. 

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