​Here are answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions related to Cybersecurity and Privacy

Are you struggling with Privacy Requirements?

When you process Personally Identifiable Information (PII), you might have to meet regulatory privacy requirements such as GDPR and the Privacy Act. Our qualified privacy experts will help you understanding your compliance requirements and implementing the required controls.

Do I need ISO27001?

ISO27001 is a well known ISO standard for introducing the concept of Information Security Management System (ISMS) in any organisation. ISO27001 provides guidance to companies like you to manage information security from a risk perspective, in a secure, structured and easy way. Once you have implemented ISO27001, you can choose to obtain the certification. This certification demonstrates to your partners or customers independently your compliance with this world-renowned security standard from International Standards Organisation (ISO).

When do I need SOC2?

If you offer your services through your cloud (SaaS or IaaS) platform to your customers. Your customers might require you to have a SOC report as a service provider to have confidence and assurance in your controls to protect their data. In most cases, these customers are in the USA or have ties with the USA and sometimes the UK.

How can I manage my company's security and privacy if I do not want to hire a full time CISO?

We understand hiring a full time security person is not only hard but also expensive. We provide dedicated CISO and other security resources for the fraction of the cost. Our experts make sure to plan and deliver your security and privacy programme well.    Learn more

How can I streamline audits, and monitor its maturity level?

We are partners with OneTrust that provide tools to govern security and privacy in your company and save time on repeated security and privacy tasks. It provides a unified platform, to  Manage increasingly complex regulations, security frameworks, and compliance needs for prioritizing and managing risk.