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Automated Security and Privacy 

Give your customers confidence about your ability to protect their data and their privacy.

Automating and improving your security and privacy while managing and growing your business is a challenge. 

At SeComPass, we understand your challenges and have helped many organisations in managing and automating their security and privacy collectively as a service, also known as SPaaS.
 Our customized offering for SaaS/PaaS providers ensures that you:

  • Identify and Tackle security risks at an early stage 
  • automate the manual tasks and
  • Prepare for certification(s).
The staged approach is specifically designed for SaaS/PaaS providers to keep the financial barrier low to enable them to get on the certification ladder
Security and Privacy-as-a-Service- Offering customised end-to-end support for both your 
Security & Privacy priorities for the first time in NZ market.

Why do you need automation  of your security and privacy?

Security and Privacy are difficult to run separately. Instead of running two bespoke programs for security  and privacy is a hard task. how do you intend to do that? 

How can we help?

We will develop an integrated security and privacy program. At the same time, we can automate the tasks which will save you and your security and privacy personnel a lot of time in long run.

We have helped organisations achieve ISO27001 and IS27701 certifications using this process in few months' time without much effort.  

Next Steps

Contact us for an obligation free chat for the automated security and privacy discussion. 

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